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Metro Parts' state of the art Parts facility at 150 Fison Avenue, Eagle Farm in Brisbane is the largest single location Ford Parts Distributor in Australia. Metro Parts distributes parts to most of the Ford dealers throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales as well as supplying many of the Smash Repairers, Mechanical Shops and other parts outlets in the Brisbane Metropolitan area.

The Centre's range and depth of stock is enormous and gives our customers access to over 28,500 different Ford product lines.

Our Retail Showroom

A modern, spacious, retail showroom has been incorporated into the facility. Customers are very welcome to browse through the showroom in search of their favourite piece of Ford Racing clothing or merchandise, or to simply order their parts as necessary.

Special Order procedures have also been put in place should you urgently require an item which is not stocked. An array of Refinish products is also on display for the home handyman or for the true professional.

Delivery Vehicles

Our extensive local delivery fleet transports customer orders throughout the greater Brisbane area each day. A minimum of three deliveries per day is available to most clients, whilst in some areas Metro Parts is available to offer up to seven drops per day. The load carrying area of every vehicle is completely covered to protect your goods at all times, particularly in inclement weather. We pride ourselves on customising our service levels to our client's individual requirements.

Community Involvement

Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery

Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery

The Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery was launched in October 2004, as an initiative of the Mater Foundation to raise vital funds for cancer research and treatment at Mater hospitals.

First prize is a Holden Special Vehicle (HSV), and each lottery is limited to only 15,000 ticket increasing your odds of winning!

There are also great bonus prizes available to the winner of first prize including fuel, travel and accommodation and gold bullion. The more tickets you buy, the better your chances of winning and the bigger your bonus prize could be!

Metro Ford is proud to support the Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery and contribute to the funds raised that assist the Mater Medical Research Institute accelerate their search for better cancer treatments and research.

For more information on the Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery or to purchase a ticket visit the website today.

Metro Ford raises funds for McGrath Foundation

For the month of "PinkTember", Metro Ford will be raising funds for the McGrath Foundation.

Help us raise $20,000 for Breast Cancer Nursing by purchasing a new vehicle in the month of September.

Our goal of 200 vehicles sold in September will reach our target of $20,000 dollars.

Who will give you the best deal in Brisbane and also raise much needed funds for the Jane McGrath Foundation? Metro Ford of Course!

Metro Ford Proudly Supports:

Spinal Injuries Association

For nearly 50 years, we have been dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with spinal cord injury. We support people to rebuild their lives; advocate for greater independence, equity and choice and present a state-wide injury prevention program to workplaces and at schools around Queensland. We are proud to be a Quality Assured, membership-based organisation, representing thousands of members and clients around the state as the peak body for people with spinal cord injury, and for people with the late effects of polio, including post polio syndrome, in Queensland.

Metro Ford is a long-time supporter of the association with annual cash donations and the supply of a new vehicle that will be used by the Spinal Education Awareness Team (SEAT) presenter Wayne Leo as he travel to schools to promote road safety and injury prevention.

Click here to read more about Metro Ford's support for the Spinal Injuries Association

The Asthma Foundation

Over the past 40 years, the Asthma Foundation of QLD has been helping people to breathe better through Asthma education and training programs, by raising awareness, by financially supporting medical research projects and by providing advocacy for people with asthma.

Approximately 2 million (10%) Australians have asthma as a current and long term condition. Queensland's death toll from asthma fell from 86 people in 2002 to 43 people in 2004.

Metro Ford is proud to have a close association with the Asthma Foundation and is currently a sponsor of many annual events. Metro Ford will continue to support the fantastic research done by the Asthma Foundation to one day find a cure for this condition.

Autism Queensland Inc.

Autism Queensland is a community based, not for profit, Incorporated Association. As the peak provider in Queensland of services to children and adults with ASD and to their families, Autism Queensland draws on expertise gained during its 40 year history. Every day Autism Queensland makes a difference in improving the life of those with autism.

Metro Ford proudly supports Autism Queensland in sponsoring the Annual Teacch Masterclass and Research Forum. The conference is open and inclusive to a broad range of participants. This event is relevant to everyone whose personal or professional life relates to improving the life outcomes for people living with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Teachers, Therapists, Parents, Health Professionals, Carers, Specialists, para-professionals, pre-service educators, academics and service providers will all benefit from participation in this remarkable three day event.

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